12. PROJECT MANAGEMENT (non-neuroscience course)

This course will help you to:
• Define and manage a project focusing on soft skills - stakeholder management and interpersonal skills.
• Understand and use particular tools and techniques.
• Experience the lessons learned through a real project: your PhD project.
• Schedule your priorities.

Overall, this course will teach you how to GET THINGS DONE – efficiently!

The 3-days course is spread over 6 months. Day 1 in the first week, Day 2 after 1 week, and 3rd Day at 6 months.
The course will include theoretical and practical approaches to enable you to better manage all aspects of your PhD project including: planning, getting the best from your team members and collaborators.

The sessions will be driven by:
Dr. Valeria Gazzola, Prof.dr. Sandra Amor, Daniel Amado Ruiz MSc.

Times and dates
Not yet known

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

56 hrs / 2 EC

This course has a limit of 16 participants.
The course is free for members of ONWAR and candidates will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis.