We would like to invite you to the course Current Issues in Clinical Neuroscience of the PhD program Clinical & Experimental Neuroscience of the Graduate School of Life Sciences.

Topic of course in 2021: Neural Interface Technology and Human Application
General program:
Day 1: Neuro basics; NeuroTech
Day 2: Brain reading; practical
Day 3: Brain writing; practical
Day 4: NeuroTech & Society; Creathon

In the last decades Neurotechnology has entered our lives in ways we could not possibly imagine. What was then science-fiction is now a vivid reality of brain-powered technology. In this course you will learn the basics of brain electrophysiology, how to read information from the brain and how to write information back into the brain. We will put your brains to the test with interactive practicals and societal brain-teasers. Are you interested in learning more about the current status and impact of Neurotechnology? Then this course is just the one for you!

Difference between PhD- and master-course

Duration of the course / ECTS
The course is accredited with 1.5 EC (42 hours) (if fully attended)

Maximum number of participants

(PhD program Clinical & Experimental Neuroscience of the Graduate School of Life Sciences)

Year / dates next course

Registration through
For registration please send an e-mail to the CEN-secretariat (Cen-secretariaat@umcutrecht.nl)

Disclaimer: If you register for the course, but do not attend, we will inform your principal investigator and charge you for € 200.