This crash course in statistics consists of 8 lectures, 7 practicals, 7 compulsory weekly assignments, and an exam. During the practicals (guided) and assignments (unguided), you will encounter many of the tests and principles discussed in the lectures, learn how to use R, and learn how to write a formal results section. To pass this course (i.e., receive the credits) you need to hand in all assignments, pass the graded R-assignment, and pass the final exam.

1. Acquire basic knowledge of statistical theory and testing
2. Choose appropriate statistical tests given hypotheses and data
3. Interpreting statistical output / results
4. Conduct statistical analyses and data manipulation in R

Week Lecture Topics
1 1 General statistical concepts + data exploration in R
1 2 Basics of statistics (recap)
2 3 Correlation and regression
3 4 T-test and ANOVA (+ non-parametric variants)
4 5 Multiple regression + multiple testing
5 6 Paired t-test and repeated measures ANOVA (+ non-parametric variants)
6 7 Introduction to multi-level analysis
7 8 Power

Desired background level of participants

Difference between PhD- and master-course

Duration of the course / ECTS
168 hrs / 6 ECTS. (P.S. This course counts in the category “extra courses.”)

Maximum number of ONWAR participants

Dr. S. van der Sluis and Dr. J.E. Savage

Year / dates next course
September/October 2020

Registration through
Els Borghols (els.borghols@vu.nl)