This graduate course is organized by the Graduate School Neurosciences Amsterdam Rotterdam (ONWAR) and the Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR-Leiden), and designed for PhD students and postdocs in the field of neurosciences. The course addresses our current understanding of drug targets in the brain, the pharmacology of CNS active drugs as well as drug discovery strategies, allowing students to become familiar with the fascinating field of neuropsychopharmacology.

Major classes of pharmacotherapeuticals for the clinical management of neurological and psychiatric diseases and the pathological mechanisms of these brain disorders will be discussed by leading experts in (pre)clinical research. The lectures are primarily scheduled in the mornings. The afternoon sessions include demonstrations, site visits and discussions. Each day addresses a particular type of neurological or psychiatric disorder from basics to bedside (Neurodegenerative disorders, Psychotic disorders, Affective disorders, Cognitive disorders, Question-based development of CNS-active drugs, and Impulsive and compulsive disorders).

Difference between PhD- and master-course
Speakers will focus on recent insights.

Duration of the course / ECTS
40 hours / 1,4 ECTS

Lectures, site-visits

Maximum number of participants

Dr. M.M.M. Wilhelmus (coordinator)
Dr. B. Drukarch
Prof.dr. T. de Vries
Dr. M. Rijnsburger

Year / dates next course

Program of last course
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Registration through
Renee Lustenhouwer (r.lustenhouwer@vu.nl)