The description below was for the 2019 course.
For 2021 the description of the course maybe will be amended.

The course aims at providing knowledge of concepts of Molecular Neurobiology in the context of investigating and understanding gene function in the nervous system. 

• general introduction to molecular biological principles
• various quantification methods (e.g. quantitative PCR, Western blotting)
• screening techniques (hybridization, micro arrays, SAGE, deep sequencing)
• structure-function research (mutagenesis, 3D structure analysis)
• genetic intervention studies (viral vectors, transgenesis, RNAi, peptide-mimetics)
• protein-protein interaction (immunoprecipitation, yeast two hybrid)
• proteomics technology (protein identification and quantification, determining phosphorylation with MS)
• cellomics technology (cellular high-content screening)
• genome projects and the use of electronic databases (Entrez-based)
• various examples from current research involving the above topics

Desired background level of participants
The course is intended for students that like to get an overview of the state of the art in Molecular Neurobiology. Emphasis is on various tools that are required to get to an in-depth understanding of molecular and cellular processes in neuronal cells. This includes genomics and proteomics, various intervention technologies and measurement systems. Background knowledge in the neuroscience area is prerequisite. Understanding of cell biology at the level of Alberts, Essential Cell Biology (ISBN 0-8153-3480) is essential.

Difference between PhD- and master-course
The PhD course includes content of various BSc and MSc courses. It is distinct as it uses selected recent topics in Molecular Neurobiology and includes examples from current research. Also, the course includes some experimental work.
This course should NOT be followed by PhD students with a profound knowledge in the Molecular Neuroscience field (see contents).

Duration of the course / ECTS
40 hrs / 1,4 ECTS

Lectures and practicals

Maximum number of participants

Prof.dr. A.B. Smit (CNCR)
Prof.dr. J. Verhaagen (NIN)
Dr. F.M.J. Jacobs (SILS)
Prof.dr. D. Posthuma (CNCR)

Year / dates next course

Registration through
Renee Lustenhouwer (r.lustenhouwer@vu.nl)