Cognitive neuroscience is a relatively new field which bridges the gap between the study of complex behaviors (psychology) and the study of low-level neural processes (neurosciences). Cognitive neuroscientists aim to understand the underlying neural responses that lead to perception and behavior. This course is intended as a theoretical and practical introduction to some of the most important themes and methodologies in cognitive neuroscience. Students will learn how modern neuroscientific techniques can be applied to study cognition.

The course is organized into 6 theoretical sessions, and 2 practical sessions. Each of the theoretical sessions will cover one topic within cognitive neuroscience and will include lectures from experts in the field.

The topics will include:
•  Perception and Consciousness
•  Attention
•  Learning and Memory
•  Sleep and effects on memory and cognition
•  Cognitive Disorders
•  Emotion
•  Language

The presentations will try to combine results from research on animal and human subjects spanning a variety of techniques, for example, psychophysics, functional imaging, EEG, electrophysiology. In addition, there will be two invited lectures, by Christian Keysers (RU Groningen) and one TBA.

The course also includes practical labs, where the students will experience some of the research techniques available to cognitive neuroscientists as well as participating in demonstration experiments.

Desired background level of participants

Duration of the course / ECTS
32 hrs / 1,1 ECTS

Lecture, special lectures, practical labs

Maximum number of participants

Dr. V. Gazzola (NIN)
Dr. M. Self (NIN)

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Program of last course
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Registration through
Renee Lustenhouwer ( r.lustenhouwer@vu.nl)