The aim of this course is to learn the basic principles of successful grant writing. You will learn to write up your research ideas in a format that will help convince reviewers. We will provide you with tips and tricks to improve readability of your grant. You will learn where you can obtain funding. Last, you will be put in the position of a reviewer to experience how well- or badly written grants influence your judgment. This course is for PhD-students in the third or fourth year of their research project.

The course starts with two lectures: one on "do's and don'ts" in grant writing and one on where to find funding organizations. In the following three weeks participants will write a short grant on a subject they are familiar with together with two other graduate students. During this process participants will be advised by a senior scientist with extensive grant writing and reviewing experience. The participants will also be involved in reviewing other students' grants and practice writing a rebuttal letter. Finally, there will be an interactive discussion in which the strengths and flaws of all proposals will be highlighted.

Difference between PhD- and master-course
Not applicable

Duration of the course / ECTS
50 hrs / 1,8 ECTS

2 lectures, practicals and 1 discussion session

Maximum number of participants

Prof.dr. C.N. Levelt

Schedule course
March 28, 2022, 2 p.m.: introduction to grant writing
May 30, 2022: deadline grant submission
June 13, 2022: deadline review submission
June 27, 2022, 2 p.m.: grant presentations and discussion

Program of last course

Renee Lustenhouwer (r.lustenhouwer@vu.nl)